January 22, 2015

Come At Me, Bruh!

ETA: I feel the need to throw out a little disclaimer here to let you all know that this interaction took place with a group of students with whom I have a great rapport. We're constantly ribbing each other... it's how we relate!

My 8th graders were working on independent projects today, so I let them sit with their friends and listen to music as long as they were working.

One group of boys was off task talking and checking their phones each time I glanced in their direction, so I knew I had to intervene. 

Me: Guys, you need to get back to work, or I'm going to have to ask you to put your phones away.

Student A: We're talking about our favorite teachers.

Me: But that's not what we're working on...

Student B (interrupting): And you're clearly NOT in our Top 5!

At this point, everyone in earshot, including me, was laughing in utter disbelief. I totally didn't expect that response. I decided to teach Mr. Sassy Pants a lesson!

Me (holding back laugher): Um... you know what? I think you're done "working" with your friends. You can take your stuff into the hallway for a timeout!

Student B: Okay!

And he happily took his things into the hallway, as we all laughed.


Student C: Can I go get him from the hallway?

Me: Yes, but tell him he has to say 3 nice things about me before he can come back in!

Student C returns alone.

Me: Where is he?

Student C: He said he'd rather stay in the hall. 


January 20, 2015

New Product: February Meme Calendar

Because sometimes your students need a little motivation to get to class on time!



Now available in my TPT store!

Don't Yell At Me!

What's that you say?

I've been MIA?

I know. It's true. But I have a good excuse this time. I was busy house hunting and moving. Yes, Joel and I moved into a new place, and we've been super busy for the past week and a half trying to turn this house into a home.

As it turns out, when you've kept your entire life in storage for a year and a half, you have to clean EVERYTHING before bringing it inside... unless, of course, you don't mind your house being full of filth. But I mind. I mind very much.

I think the finishing touches will be done by this weekend, and then I can share some pics. It's been a long, exhausting (but in a good way) process to get here. I hate, hate, hate packing, but I find SO MUCH JOY in organizing my things and finding them their just-right home.

I had to get a little creative this time around because Joel's sister and our almost 16-month old niece are going to be living with us starting next month. And we don't exactly have baby-proof things. Keeping things out of reach for her has been a fun challenge this time around. They came over last night, and so far, I think my organization will work nicely.

But we definitely need to get a baby gate for the stairs! Last night's game was "Let's crawl up and down the stairs 100 times so Auntie Erin will be exhausted when I go home." FUN!

I'm much more active on Facebook these days, so if you're not following me there, please do. I LOVE to have actual conversations with other teacher-bloggers and readers. And it would be nice to hear opinions from people other than my mom and sister (nothing against them... I love them both dearly). So like my page and throw me a comment or two! :)

For those looking for my February Meme Calendar, I PROMISE it's coming. I'm working on it today! I'm SO HAPPY that I've been getting such great feedback from users. It's wonderful that your students are loving it as much as mine!

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